Adipurush budget is exaggerated too much

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Adipurush budget is exaggerated too much

Mythological period drama Adipurush, starring Prabhas as Lord Rama, is billed as one of the much-anticipated films of 2023. The principal shooting has been wrapped up and the post-production activities are in full swing.

For the past couple of days, Bollywood media is all agog with the news that Adipurush is the costliest movie in Prabhas career with a budget of 500 Crores earmarked for its making. This gargantuan budget is excluding the publicity costs, revealed the producer of Adipurush, Bhusan Kumar in a recent interaction with a leading media portal.

Film experts believe that the statement from the producer is quite a bit of exaggeration. Even though the film boasts an ensemble cast with big names like Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon etc. and renowned technicians, 500 crores is a way too much budget. Considering the hefty remunerations for the cast and crew and the making costs, the film’s budget would be around 350 to 400 crores only as most of the film involves CG shots and VFX effects rather than outdoor shootings.

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Excluding the remunerations, the makers are spending only around 200 Crores budget on the film. Involving all the publicity costs and other expenses, the budget would be around 400 Crores only. But, the makers of Adipurush have rounded off the figure to 500 crores with an exaggeration.

Even a grand spectacle like Baahubali involving both outdoor shoots with hundreds of artists for more than three years and a lot of CG and VFX works was made with a 400 crore budget for its two parts. It took 5 years for shooting the two parts. So the production costs are way too much. But, Adipurush with less number of shooting days and similar CG and VFX costs is said to be budgeted for more than 500 crores which seems a bit exaggerated.

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