Konda Movie Review: Oh My Kondaa!

Konda Movie Review
Konda Movie Review

Konda Movie Review Rating: 1/5

Konda is the new biographical film by Ram Gopal Varma after Sarkar, Raktha Charitra, Vangaveeti on politicians. This is the story of Konda Murali, ex- MLC and Konda Surekha, ex- MLA from Warangal district with affluence to Indian National Congress. RGV did not alter hero and heroine or even YS Rajasekhar Reddy name in the film. Now, let’s discuss how is the movie.


Konda Murali (Adith Arun aka Trigun) is a very rebellious young-adult. His parents (LB Sriram and Tulasi) want him to concentrate on studies but he involves himself into fights as he cannot look away if someone is being bullied or if someone commits a mistake. Parents send him off to Warangal for higher studies. There he meets RK and Bharathi. He gets influenced by RK to become Naxalite sympathizer. Murali and his gang kill Bal Reddy, a local Patel along with villagers. Nalla Sudhakar (Prithvi) asks Murali to join him and his close friend Pratap (Jabardasth Ramprasad) supports Sudhakar. Murali joins them.

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In the college, he falls for Surekha (Irra Mor) and she supports him in every step. Against Surekha’s parents wishes they get married. Murali doubts Sudhakar as a bad person and rebels. Sudhakar and Pratap join hands to kill Murali. Murali is shot by the gang appointed by Sudhakar. Will he survive? What happens next? Watch the movie to know more.


Ram Gopal Varma made one great movie after great movie in his prime. Starting with Shiva, he delivered Satya, Company, Rangeela, Bhooth, Gayam, Sarkar. Even though when released failed at box office, Govinda Govinda, Kshna kshanam, Raath, Deyyam and Antham have turned to be some of his best, popular works, thanks to Satellite repeats. He made Raktha Charitra with so much more honesty than Vangaveeti and Konda is just an aberration in his already collapsing career. After such highs, he has now turned into a director who cannot even bring proper authenticity in a biopic. Casting has been his strength and now even in that aspect he failed completely. Irra Mor doesn’t seem like Surekha but looks like someone who wants be “Rangeela” Urmilla and “Gayam” Urmilla at the same time.

RGV’s ideas seem older than his age in this film. Adith Arun aka Trigun tried in few scenes but he is again limited to looking blank at the camera in the name of intensity. All other actors are bad to the levels, unmentionable. There are no words beyond cringe to describe their performances. Once know for his technical brilliance, RGV fails in sound department, BGM, Music and even writing. Yes, there might be other names handling these fields but they all worked on the instructions of RGV and gave him, what he asked for. Hence, it is his failure only.


  • Couldn’t find any


  • Performances
  • Production values
  • Music
  • BGM
  • Sound
  • Direction
  • Writing

Konda Movie Review Rating: 1/5

Bottom-line: Oh My Kondaa!

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Cast: Adith Arun aka Trigun, Irra Mor, Prithvi

Producer: Konda Sushmita Patel
Director :Ram Gopal Varma
DOP :Malharbhatt Joshi
Editors : Manish Takur Eshwar 57
Dialogues :Bharath kumar
Music :DSR
Background Score :Anand Kollabathula