KGF Chapter 2 success gives these two “price wings”!

In Film Industry, it is difficult to say when you would win the “coin toss of Luck”. If you are going for Heads, most of the time, the coin falls as Tails. But when you keep trying, one day suddenly it turns out to be Heads. It means your time has come and you need to act accordingly and collect fortune, fame and fans as much as you can.

KGF Chapter 2 director Prashanth Neel has been waiting for such lucky toss to fall on his side and it has now. He needs to keep up with the work he did in KGF franchise and he can ask for anything under the sky, producers will be ready to give him. And the new reports suggest that his price has indeed touched the sky.

He is asking for Rs. 50 crores remuneration to work for a film, say reports. While Salaar deal is already closed, for NTR film, he has asked for such high amount as remuneration, according to few reports. Even Kannada Star Yash, who rocked as “Rocky Bhai” in the film, is also asking for a hike in his remuneration and at what percentage, we don’t know yet.

Among directors in Indian Cinema, only Rajamouli and Shankar can ask for how much ever remuneration they would like to quote as they have delivered back to back hits. In fact, Rajamouli has moved past everyone by delivering Rs. 1000 crores grossers Baahubali 2 and RRR, back to back. With KGF Chapter 2, Prashanth Neel seems to have come half distance close to Rajamouli and if Salaar also collects Rs. 1000 crores, then he would be the first director in Indian Cinema to deliver two 1000 crore grossers in his first four films. If he is really quoting 50 crores remuneration after KGF Chapter 2, think how much he would quote then.

Well, he should deliver as many good films as he can and they all should be big hits. We wish for his remuneration to keep flying high and high.