KGF 2 production house collaborates with RCB

RCB teams up with KGF Chapter 2 production

Yesterday, Hombale Films announced the merging of two dreams of ushering the new era of Entertainment. On the eve of Sri Rama Navami, it was confirmed that Hombale Films and RCB(Royal Challengers Bangalore) are collaborating to build an association at the intersection of sports, movies, multi format content and more.

A special announcement video promo of KGF 2 collaborating with RCB was out. It was perfectly sync to the trailer cuts along with RCB top guns. These two are coming together to thrill the nation which was born in Bangalore.

It was the first time in history that a film was associated with a sports franchise. With this strategy, KGF 2 will reach every nook of the world. It was a great strategy by Hombale Films.

KGF 2 arrives at your nearest theaters on 14th April 2022.