Here is when James Cameron’s Avatar 2 trailer will be released

Avatar 2 trailer release date with Doctor Strange Multiverse theaters

The master story teller, James Cameron is all set to take all of us to the world of Pandora once again after over a decade. This time, he is going to depict the aquatic world in Pandora. He researched a lot in aquatic life for creating water world in Avatar 2. He developed a new technology too.

Coming to the main point, the trailer of Avatar 2 is coming to amaze all on 6th May 2022. Avatar 2 trailer will be played along with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This trailer will be attached to prints of Doctor Strange 2 across the globe.

It is a double treat to fans, they can watch Avatar 2 trailer along with Doctor Strange 2. Avatar 2 will be released on the eve of Christmas, 16th December 2022. The other three parts will be released on 20th December 2024(Avatar 3), 18th December 2026(Avatar 4), and 22nd December 2028(Avatar 5) respectively.

Avatar 2 is written and directed by James Cameron. And he produced the movie along with Jon Landau.