Happy Birthday Movie Review

Happy Birthday Movie Review, Lavanya Tripathi,
Happy Birthday Movie Review, Lavanya Tripathi,

Happy Birthday Movie Review Rating : 1/5

Lavanya Tripathi after a long time came up with a film in Telugu. She has been choosy or lagging behind in the race for the top slot with her contemporaries after a sensational start. Ritesh Rana as a director needed to showcase his mettle in making different comedy again after Mathu Vadalara. Can he achieve that? Could Lavanya deliver a comeback hit? Let’s discuss…


Baby (Lavanya Tripathi) joins Minister’s son Ritwiz Sodhi (Vennela Kishore) as a partner for his new business. He becomes a Minister and legalise guns in the state. The license for gun sales are given to a German company by him. The company pays him 10,000 crores. Baby asks him to pay her part. Sodhi forms a bogus case and sends her to jail. Baby meets her twin sister Happy (Lavanya Tripathi) there. On the other hand, Lucky (Naresh Agastya) takes a loan from Gunda (Rahul Ramakrishna) and to clear out he offers him a mission. Lucky completes it but to escape leaves the object with Baby, unknowingly. What happens next? Watch the movie to know more


Lavanya Tripathi is a decent performer but not someone who can deliver in any character. She proved that aspect with this film. While she tried to play two characters differently, the over action she tried to do in both of them spoils any fun. Surprisingly, Vennela Kishore doesn’t get laughs. Rahul Ramakrishna and Satya sequences are handled better in a movie that tries to be a laugh riot yet fails in every scene that can be termed as comedy by the makers.

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Ritesh Rana’s Mathu Vadalara feels like a film that took Delhi Belly as inspiration and the film flows with the jokes while screenplay moves forward. On the other hand, Ritesh tried to repeat some jokes that worked in his previous film and those threads drag on and on in already a film that feels too long for the plot it took on. In the film itself, several jokes feel repetitive and that cannot be attributed to inducing more fun. It is just pure lack of imagination and novelty in creating situations. Nothing absolutely nothing works in terms of writing. Visuals, VFX and some sequences cannot make up for a film that feels too random, listless and irresponsible to its own ambition. On the whole, this movie is a huge waste of effort, time and money!


  • Visuals
  • VFX for the budget
  • Satya’s few jokes
  • BGM


  • Over acting by leads
  • Music
  • Drag in the second half
  • Lack of novelty in comedy
  • Unnecessary threads

Happy Birthday Movie Review Rating : 1/5

Bottom-line: Neither comic nor engaging!

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Cast : Lavanya Tripathi, Satya, Gundu Sudhershan, Naresh Agatsya, Rahul Ramakrishna, and Vennela Kishore
Director: Ritesh Rana
Music Director : Kaala Bhairava
Cinematographer:. Suresh Sarangam
Editing by. Karthika Srinivas