Good luck Sakhi Review: Keerthy Suresh is the saving grace

Good luck Sakhi Review Rating
Good luck Sakhi Review Rating

When national award winning star heroine Keerthy Suresh and maverick director Nagesh Kukunoor team up for a women-centric sports drama, it is bound to create curiosity among good cinema lovers. Rightly adding to the curiosity of audience, the trailers and promotions of Good luck Sakhi have succeeded in drawing attention to the movie. Let’s find out whether this offbeat flick lives up to expectations.

Good luck Sakhi story:

Sakhi (Keerthy Suresh) is a happy-go-lucky village belle who spends her days happily playing marbles (golis) even though everyone in her village sees her as a symbol of bad luck. She is despised so much that even crossing path with her brings bad luck. There is reason for this belief, which would be apt to know after watching the movie. However Sakhi’s life changes for good when her childhood friend Goli Raju (Adhi Pinishetty) introduces her to retired Colonel (Jagapati Babu) who set up a shooting academy and scouting for youngsters to groom as shooters. How Sakhi, who is seen as a symbol of bad luck rewrites her destiny and transforms into a shooting champion is the crux of the movie.

Nagesh Kukunoor falters in narration:

While the story chosen by Nagesh Kukunoor is surely a meaty and inspirational one with lot of scope for elevation, he failed in narrating it. Nagesh is known for his simplistic yet engaging direction style, but he has clearly gone off track in this flick. The story is way too simplistic with no conflict points and emotional moments, though it had scope for lot of engaging drama.

When a director like Nagesh Kukunoor comes up with a sports drama a featuring actor of Keerthy’s calibre audience expect nothing less than the best, but the movie reaches no where near the expectations. Nagesh Kukunoor himself has come up with an engaging sports drama like Iqbal in the past, but he had failed to impress this time.

Keerthy Suresh stands out:

Coming to artistes performances Keerthy Suresh excels in her role. This could have been another hit flick for her, if she was backed up by solid content. Aadi Pinishetty impresses as Keerthy’s childhood friend and does well within the limited scope offered to him. Roles like these are a cakewalk for Jagapati Babu and he does it with ease. Rahul Ramakrishna gets a change from his routine, as he got a role with negative shade.

Technical aspects:

Devi Sri Prasad is impressive with his music and sets a perfect tone for the movie with the very first song. But Nagesh Kukunoor let’s that down. Chirantan Das cinematography is good and he rightly captures the rustic settings. Editing is done by veteran Sreekar Prasad.

Over all Good luck Sakhi is a good movie with a good intention. From struggle in sports to women’s empowerment to smashing misconceptions, it has many good points in it. But Nagesh Kukunoor has failed to come up with a powerful story telling using all these elements. However Keerthy Suresh is extremely impressive in this sports drama and single-handedly steers the movie with her charm and acting.

Good luck Sakhi Review Rating : 2