Ghani Movie Review: Varun Tej’s attempt lacks depth

Ghani Movie Review Rating
Ghani Movie Review Rating

Ghani Movie Review Rating: 2/5

Young hero from Mega camp Varun Tej came up with sports drama Ghani movie this Friday. While debutante Kiran Korrapati directed it, Allu Bobby and Siddu Mudda produced it. Bollywood beauty Saiee Manjrekar is paired opposite Varun. Coming from a tallented and reputed team, Ghani naturally has expectations riding on it. Were the expectations met? Read on.

Ghani Movie Review: The ambition of Ghani:

Varun Tej appears in the title role of Ghani. He aims to make a career in boxing and become a successful boxer. The determination to make it big as a boxer is derived from the bitter past of his father. Ghani’s father Vikramaditya (Upendra) though a committed and tallented boxer, ends his career and life in failure, due to the wrong doings of certain unscrupulous elements. He was made a victim by wrongfully presenting as a drug user in sports arena, by his opponents. This basic plot itself gives enough hint about what Ghani is all about to the movie lovers. Isn’t it?

Ghani’s challenges:

While Ghani wants to achieve his ambition and restore the glory of his father, his mother (Nadhiya) does not want him to take up boxing. The reason is obvious. Isn’t it? Whose mother wants her son to tread the path of his father, which ended in great loss for her? And in how many movies haven’t we seen this same conflict? Now besides convincing his mother, Ghani has to fight with his crooked boxing opponent Aadi ( Naveen Chandra), betting kingpin Eeswarnath (Jagapati Babu) and others to achieve his aim. In the process Vijayender Sinha (Sunil Shetty) plays a key role.

Now, it might be very clear to you all, what Ghani is all about? It is a quintessential sports drama but appears like a pretty routine. Director Kiran Korrapati needs to be appreciated for selecting a sports drama for his debut, instead of choosing genres like romance or action. But to ensure a sports drama click, one needs to have an excellently inspiring story or some thing very refreshing. Kiran Korrapati lets audience down in this aspect.

It’s Alia for NTR 30

Stylish but routine:

It appears, director has banked on stylish presentation to make Ghani interesting. But style works only if there is substance. If the story is pretty routine, neither stylish presentation nor rich production values work. Ghani falls in this category. Instead of just focusing on making, it would have been lot better, if Kiran Korrapati worked on the script. Barring few episodes like Varun Tej’s transformation as boxer, Upendra’s flashback, climax and others which are good, most of the movie is predictable.

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Amid artistes galore Varun Tej makes impact:

Every hero likes to do atleast one sports drama in his career and Ghani is Varun Tej’s attempt at this genre. Sports dramas have the potential to catapult a hero to a new high if handled well. For instance heroes like Pawan Kalyan in Thammudu, Amir Khan in Joh Jeeta Wahi Sikander and Lagaan, Ravi Teja in Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi have tasted success in this genre. But to make it happen, sports drama driven movies have to be backed up with inspirational stuff and gripping scenes. Ghani lags here. Nevertheless, Varun Tej needs to appreciated for trying it.

Bollywood beauty Saiee Manjrekar who has big projects to her credit, makes a forgettable debut in Telugu. Apart from appearing in few scenes as Varun’s love interest, she has no role to play.

Kannada star Upendra, who has fan following even in Telugu, appears in a limited but good role. Jagapati Babu once again does a negative role and there is nothing new in his characterisation. Sunil Shetty gets a decent role. Nadhiya, Naveen Chandra, Naresh and others appear in supporting roles.

Performance of key technicians:

Thaman has composed both songs and background score and its just okay. Cinematography by George C Williams is impressive. Stunts are engaging. Two young producers Allu Bobby and Siddu Mudda have come together and produced the movie with good production values.

Final take:

Ghani is young hero Varun Tej’s attempt at sports drama. It is made with good intention by a young team but lacks required depth.

Ghani Movie Review Rating: 2/5

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