George Reddy Review : The Man of Action failed

George Reddy Review
George Reddy Review

Cine Chit Chat Rating : 2/5

George Reddy inspired from a true story of Rebel Leader. As the season is full with biopics, this biopic also got huge buzz. Chiranjeevi , Pawan Kalyan like stars promoted the movie. Lets check out the, how created hype helped the movie.

Story :

George Reddy who was born in Kerala join Osmania University in 1970.The story starts over there and enter into college political Zone. The story is all about elevation how George turned as beacon of hope for the students.

When he was selected to Bombay university, Around same time elections in the college and farmers’ suicides in the state change forced him to start an agitation.

Analysis :

This movie Start with a student coming down from USA to make a documentary on George Reddy. Student politics is not new to our films, Start from Siva to Dear Comrade. Even though it is a biopic , for a movie to taste success it should have some commercial elements.

Director was confused while adding commercial elements to the slot. In second half no emotion was carried through out.

Some scenes like Fireball fight and a belt fight have been shot beautifully. Those scenes are eye feast. Cinematography plays key role.

Performance :

The lead gave their best. Sandeep as George Reddy is at his best. His mother Devika Carried the emotion with her performace. Satya Dhev was ok and Actress was looking cool and don’t have much scope for performace.

Dhalam director Rajeev missed carrying the emotion and he might have worked out with the script more.
Only Cinematography worked out well.

Positives :

Sandeep action as George Reddy
Mother sentiment

Negatives :

Second off
Slow narration

Verdict : Can easily skip the movie.

Cine Chit Chat Rating : 2/5