F3 Movie Review : Strictly needs patience

F3 Movie Review
F3 Movie Review

F3 Movie Review Rating 2/5

F3 is the sequel of movie F2. For 2019 Sankranthi Season, F2 became a blockbuster hit that no one expected. Post the success, director and producers announced that they will come with F3 movie and develop this into a comedy film franchise. Anil Ravipudi very confidently said that F3 wiill lead to F4 and many more sequels until people enjoy it. Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamannaah Bhatia, Mehreen Prizada, Pragati, Annapurna, Y. Vijaya., Raghu Babu, Rajendra Prasad are cast again in the sequel and Sonal Chauhan, Murali Sharma are the new entrants with Pooja Hegde doing a special song. The movie released on 27th May. Let’s discuss how it fun or frustrating it is.

Plot: Movie revolves around the tried and tested formula of F2. Venkatesh’s family is middle class and they want to earn money under any circumstances. Venkatesh likes Tamannah and she runs a hotel with her family. Tamannaah’s family put forth a condition that they want their son-in-law to be a business magnate. Venkatesh starts his own business with night blindedness becoming a problem. Varun Tej is an aspiring director and he fails because of his stammering problem. He falls for Mehreen Prizada and similar condition is put forth in front of him too. They accidentally meet Murali Sharma and they have find ways to impress him and make big money that he offers. Can they? What they will learn in the process of making quick big bugs? Watch the movie to know.

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Performances: Venkatesh excels in few scenes like no one else can. He proved that his comic timing is top notch and his combination scenes with Varun, senior actors like Annapurna and Y. Vijaya work big time. But his night blindedness act went over the top like comedians and director should have taken care of that. Varun Tej did well for the material given to him. But his mannerism did not work at places that it should have brought the house down. Tamannaah, Mehreen and Sonal have been used to add glamour and did just that. Rajendra Prasad, Suneel and Ali sequences make you cringe at times. Murali Sharma was apt.

Technicalities: Movie bases itself more on worked out F2 formula than being its own film. When it is not a thorough sequel, you can deviate from the formula and create more fun too. But Anil tried to stick that F2 format and at times dejavu kills few jokes as we feel we have already seen them. Venkatesh saves some mediocre jokes while rest of the cast are not given the material that they deserve. Mainly, Rajendra Prasad and Ali scenes doesn’t really work as much as the director expected.

Writing from Anil Ravipudi could have been better but the director seems to have started sticking to some troupes that worked for him in the earlier movies. Audiences these days expect freshness more than tried and tested cliches. While he tries to deviate from them he just goes over board at times. Hence, the film ended up below the expectations and it requires some patience to sit through. If you like Venkatesh, you may give it a try.

Venkatesh’s performance
Few comedy sequences pre-interval

Over the top and loud narrative
Some cringe jokes
Dejavu inducing writing.

Bottomline: Strictly needs patience

F3 Movie Review Rating 2/5

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