Envious Megastar spoils Varun Tej’ hard work

Envious chiranjeevi spoils varun tej hard work
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With all his hard work and dedication Megastar Chiranjeevi has conquered many milestones and reigned the box office as No 1 for more than three decades. Still, his passion and love for the movie didn’t diminish a bit.

And he never felt jealous in the profession about anyone in the perspective of success. But for the first time, he became envious and spoiled the hard work of his nephew Varun Tej. No need to be shocked! This jealousy is not related to movies but it is in terms of dosa making.

Yes, it is true. It was known that all the mega family members would celebrate Sankranthi together. This year also, all they gathered. Mega Prince Varun Tej accompanied Megastar to make dosas for the family members.

The Acharya actor who is known for his dosas has become envious after Varun Tej’s dosa came out neat and nice. He spoiled the dosa with his spatula and named the spoiled dosa as ‘Upma’.

The Ghani actor shared this adorable funny video of theirs from Bhogi bonfire that was shared on his Instagram. And it was viral all over social media.


Megastar Chiranjeevi family celebrated Sankranthi 2021