Bro Daddy review : Fun and Entertaining

Bro Daddy Review
Bro Daddy Review

This is the second directional venture of Prithviraj. Over five OTT releases on republic day, Bro Daddy takes the lead and the movie streaming on Disney+Hotstar. Let us look at the review.

Story: Remember Neena Gupta’s Badhaai Ho, This is almost a similar version with south Indian style and with more twists and turns. Bro Daddy the name itself reveals half of the story of the film. John Kattadi (Mohan lal) and Anna(Meena) and his son Eesha John Kattadi (PrithviRaj) . John’s best friend Kurian (Lalu Alex) and Elsy (Kaniha) and their daughter Anna (Kalyani Priyadarshi). Accidently both John and his son Eesha become fathers at the same time. But, Eesha and Anna were in live-in relation and how John handle the situation, how Eesho and Anna will get married is the story of the film.

Analysis: This is a quite complicated story. But, Prithviraj handles the film very smoothly. The complicated accidental pregnancy has not been derailed anywhere. The is a very light-hearted family drama. There is a very slight difference between Badhaai Ho, Pavithram and Bro Daddy, But with the same subject.

The movie is quite entertaining. The complete run-time is fun. Even when the main lead actors deliver emotional dialogues, the background score and Mohanlal ease make things entertaining. Lalu Alex is impressive with his performance as a father of Anna and as a founder of an advertising agency. Deepak Dev’s music worked out all over and carried the mood.

The love and human relations value has been projected nicely. Bro Daddy trailer has given hint over the film’s slot and film maintains it.

    Negatives :

  • Run- Time
    Positives :

  • Casting
  • Background score
  • Dialogues

Performance: Mohanlal is seen with ease in this film when compared to his last movies. Prithviraj has carried the story with no flaws. He crafted the film with realistic dialogues and script work has been done clean. The expressions by the lead actors will make the audience laugh full time. After a film like Lucifer, Prithvi Raj directed this Bro Daddy and this film is also a climb to his directional talent.

Verdict: R-Day has a full-time entertainer in its bag.

Bro Daddy Review Rating : 3/5