Bloody Mary review: Just another thriller

Bloody Mary Review Telugu
Bloody Mary Review Telugu

Bloody Mary Review Telugu : 2/5

Director Chandoo Mondeti who is known for hit movies like Karthikeya and Premam has made his OTT debut with Bloody Mary movie. This thriller movie also marks the OTT debut of heroine Nivetha Pethuraj. The director-herione duo of Chandu Mondeti and Nivetha Pethuraj has come together and delivered a heroine oriented thriller in the form of Bloody Mary. Can this flick, which has been released on Aha platform, ensure success for the team in their first OTT effort?

Bloody Mary story:

Mary (Nivetha Pethuraj) is an orphan who comes up in life on her own and works as a nurse. She has two close friends who are also orphans in the form of Basha (Kireeti Damaraju) and Raju (Raj Kumar Kasireddy). While Basha, who is a mute person dreams of becoming an actor, Raju, who is a hearing impaired guy, wants to become a photographer. When everything seems to be going fine for these three orphan friends, who go to any extent to save each other, Mary gets entangled in a murder. At the same time Basha and Raju become witnesses in another murder case. In the process police inspector Prabhakar (Ajay) becomes a villain for Mary and her friends.

How Mary faces the challenges, how she comes out of murder case, how she also protects her friends and emerges victorious is the stuff of Bloody Mary.

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Screenplay and treatment:

Director Chandu Mondeti has proved his tallent in handling thriller genre with the success of his very first film Karthikeya. He has chosen thriller genre even for his OTT debut. Prashant Kumar has penned the story. While director Chandu has ensured that the screenplay is compact and has enough twists and turns to keep audience engrossed, audience feel like wanting for more. May be the main plot would have been more strong and adding a powerful or noble purpose for Mary’s actions would have made story appealing.

The very idea of an orphan young woman and two of her friends who are deaf and dumb facing the challenges in life has enough scope for coming up with engrossing content. But characterisation is very important in scenarios like these and Chandu Mondeti has let audience down in this regard. However Chandu Mondeti has done good job in terms of keeping the whole movie compact, with a run time of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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Nivetha Pethuraj gets a meaty role:

Nivetha Pethuraj plays the lead role and she has got very good role. From a meek and novice nurse to a powerful and tactful woman, Nivetha Pethuraj shows good maturity in the role. Irrespective of the movie’s result, she can term this as one of the important movies in her filmography. Kireeti Damaraju and Rajashekhar Kasireddy also get enough screen time as Mary’s friends. Ajay appears in a police officer and he has already done villian roles like these with ease earlier. Brahmaji also appears in a negative character.

Director Chandu and his craftsmen:

While Prashant Dimmala gave story, Chandu Mondeti penned screenplay and dialogues. He has done an average job in all aspects. Keeping in view Chandu’s filmography, one can say that he is capable of better work but failed to deliver here. However Chandu got terrific support from his crew. Cinematographer Karthik Ghattamaneni has come up with impressive work. His cinematography plays a key role in giving a stylish and edgy look to the thriller. Music director Kaala Bhairava also deserves praise for creating the right mood for the thriller with his BGM.

Final take:

Bloody Mary is just another movie, which aims to be a thriller. This is not a movie one expects from a tallented director like Chandu Mondeti.

Bloody Mary Review Telugu : 2/5

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