Bigil Review : Eye feast for fans

Bigil Review : Eye feast for fans
Bigil Review : Eye feast for fans

Thalapathy Vijay’s Bigil was released in record number of theatres of around 4200 screens across the globe in Telugu and Tamil Languages. Where Vijay is seen in double role as father and son. Director is Atlee, Nayanthara is the leading lady and AR Rahman composed the music. Jackie Shroff, Kathir, Yogi babu and Vivek are also seen in crucial roles in the film. The movie was made with a huge budget of 180 crores where 6 crore was only spent on foot ball ground set.

Lets watch the review of the film :

Story : Vijay played a role of Michael Rayappan, a footballer who give up his passion for some tragic incidents that happened in his life. A don wants his son to uplift the people of his community and want to see his son as a champion. Now how this all will turn up and achieve success is the key story slot.

When Vijay friend (Women Football team coach ) met with accident and Vijay gets a chance to coach the team and his struggle to reach his father ambition give us more emotional touch.

Analysis : Bigil first half is for masses and with some commercial elements. More of Michael elevation and typical for vijay fans. As the story is gripping Atlee carried out the emotion in flash back of around 20mins. Bigil real strength is emotion and Women empowerment. Nayanthara justifies her role as usual. Reba, Indhuja and Varsha does their part quite well. Acid attack surviver performance was also major slot for the movie.

Villains are weak in the film. As Jackie SHroff and Daniel Balaji are villain , they might have elevated more. Atlee failed to do this. He wanted the movie to be complete sports entertainer by this the screenplay has been disturbed.

Negatives :
Run Time
More of Mass elevation
Exposure of Villains

Positives :
AR Rahman Background score
Women empowerment
Emotional scenes
Foot Ball Matches

Verdict : Not a Vijay and Atlee movie. A Dozen football matches with costly sets and songs. Two Characters of Vijay for 179min and nothing left than that. For a fan it’s a Eye feast and for general audience its jus a let it go movie.

CCC Rating : 2.5


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