True colors of Housemates : Bigg Boss Telugu 4

True colors of Housemates Bigg Boss Telugu 4
True colors of Housemates Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is in its 11th week and the housemates are turning wild with their attitude.

Ariyana excelled completely and showed her true arrogance against other contestants of the house. We can honestly say she is one among the many to play individual game from Day one without using any loopholes like emotions and drama.

Akhil and Sohel are losing their coolness frequently and irking the audience along with the housemates. The man who begged bigg boss talking so wild

Lasya , Abhijeet and Harika are very positive and have their self control towards their emotions . They are also being generous to Akhil and Sohel, Who treated them very badly at time of elimination.

Avinash is worried a lot as no one in the house is supporting him along with Ariyana.

Monal may get eliminated and she knows herself the same because she stopped doing work in the house and not playing tasks other than pampering Monal.

Monal and Lasya are at the bottom and anyone in these two will be eliminated from the house this week.  


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