Bhala Thandanana review: One time watch

Bhala Thandanana review
Bhala Thandanana review

Bhala Thandanana Review Rating : 2/5

The skill of a director is exhibited when he shows a routine story in a way that engrosses his audience. The director of ‘Bhala Tandanana..’ Chaitanya Dantaloori has shown his unique skills in order to entertain movie lovers in his latest flick. Young hero Sri Vishnu has played the lead role in the movie . Of late, he has been seen in movies that revolve around money. His earlier movies like Raja Raja Chora, Arjuna Phalguna have also revolved around the issue of money. Bhala Thandanana also revolves around money. The story of the movie revolves around Rs 2000 crore .

Investigative journalist Sasi Rekha is known for her fearless attitude to expose anybody’s mistakes and wrongdoings. She also does not succumb to any kind of inducements. She goes to an orphanage after getting a tip off about a scam. The accountant of the orphanage Chandrasekhar aka Chandu meets the journalist and offers her bribe for not exposing the scam. He also tells her that none would support the children of the orphanage, if the scam was exposed by her . The two become friends thereafter.

On the other hand , three people who take part in a kidnap case are murdered. They are the members of a famous gang of a Hawala King. Sasi Rekha begins the investigation into the issue to crack the murder mystery . However, a person comes to her and warns her from carrying on her investigation into the triple murder case. He however tells her that Hawala King has Rs 2000 crores belonging to several prominent politicians and bureaucrats and dares her to write about it.

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Responding to the challenge, she publishes the news sending shock waves to the Hawala King and his gang members. He asks his gang members to find out about the journalist. The gang members of the King kidnap Chandrasekhar while he was accompanying Shashi Rekha causing confusion in her. However, she finds out that Chandu was the one who took away Rs 2000 crore from the den of the Hawala King.

The members of the gang also kidnap Shashi Rekha and the friend of Chandra Sekhar and bring them before the Hawala King. Sensing an opportunity, Chandrasekhar offers money to the gang members and ask them to kill the Hawala King. The members of the gang kill their leader. The movie ends with Shashi Rekha getting the doubt over Chandu about the reasons that prompted him to target the Hawala King. With a message to be continued..brings curtains down on the movie, indicating that it will have a sequel as well.

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Young hero Sri Vishnu is growing gradually with each movie and he has done a decent job even in Bhala Thandanana. As a lead actor Sri Vishnu did justice to his character. Lead actress Catherine appears to have put on weight. However her acting skills are fine. The KGF-1 fame Ramachandra Raju played the role of the Hawala king in the movie. He is ok but did not get the chance to exhibit his acting skills. The other actors Posani Krishna Murali, Krishna Satya, Srinivas Reddy, Adarsh Balakrishna and others appeared in supporting roles and did justice to their roles.

The director of the movie Chaitanya Dantaloori has come up with a movie after a gap he gets full marks for his direction. However he should have focused more on making story and screenplay even more concise and compact. Songs composed by Mani Sharma will entertain the audience. cinematography of Suresh Ragutu is decent. Though Bhala Thandanana is a small budget movie, production values are adequate.

Strengths of the movie:

1.The acting skills of Sri Vishnu and Catherine
2. Mani Sharma’s music
3. Interesting twists in second half

Shortcomings of the movie:
1. Weak first half
2. Slow paced story and screenplay.


Bhala Thandanana is a small movie which is greeting Telugu audience after back to back big budget movies. It is a time pass entertainer and can be watched once.

Bhala Thandanana Review Rating : 2/5

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