Beast Twitter Talk: Only for Vijay’s fans

Beast Twitter Talk
Beast Twitter Talk

Tamil star Vijay’s much awaited film Beast hit the screens today amid high expectations. As we wait for detailed review let’s check Twitter Talk.

As per early reports from US premiers, Beast is yet another regular commercial pot boiler that will just appeal to his cult fans. It seems like director Nelson has concentrated much on elevating Vijay’s image with forced action elements.

Natural Star playing a role with dark shades

As seen in the trailer, the film’s plot revolves around a hijack mission when people in a mall were taken hostage by terrorists. Some of the fight sequences are over the top with nothing new to offer for regular audience. Only the Arabic Kuthu song and Anirudh’s pulsating score are said to be only takeaways in the first half of the film.

The second half is way too horrible than the first half due to nonsensical comedy track and poorly executed action blocks. Except for Vijay’s screen presence and a couple of scenes, there is hardly anything on offer for regular viewers in this hostage drama which is likely to end as another regular commercial fare.