Arjuna Phalguna Review

Arjuna Phalguna Review Rating
Arjuna Phalguna Review Rating

Arjuna Phalguna Review Rating

Arjuna Phalguna review

After the success of Raja Raja Chora, hero Sree Vishnu is coming with Arjuna Phalguna. Let’s take a look at the review. The title is catchy and also the influence of Raja Raja Chora made the openings from the USA quite good.


Arjuna Phalguna movie is a story of unemployed youth of a rural village of Godavari districts. When Sree Vishnu and his friends want to start a Soda making factory and the struggle for their funds is the story. Sree Vishnu and his gang enter into illegal activities (Ganja smuggling). Then the actual story slot begins. How Arjuna and his unemployed friends escaped from the police and how they succeeded is the story.

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Sree Vishnu is good at picking stories. But, Arjuna Phalguna is a wrong pick. The production values are very cheap. Matinee entertainments this time failed at production. Naresh as village karanam impressive with his performance. Sivaji Raja as well as good, he will be seen as Sree Vishnu’s father. The film is a complete failure of director Teja Marni. He has a good cast in his hands and is unable to utilize them.

Positive :

      • Nothing but Sree Vishnu and casting

Negatives :

      • Direction
      • Production values
      • Weak Story

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The concept taken by Sree Vishnu and director Teja Marni is good. Bur Teja Marni failed to engage the audience throughout the film. The uneven tone of emotional drama went wrong. Arjuna Phalguna is neither an entertainer nor an emotional drama. The complete mismatch in scenes and situational fun has failed attempts and turned into a boring film.

The team Arjuna will be facing more trouble in the first half and when it comes to the second half it will be continued. The film is completely unbearable and failed to impress the audience. The first half with village native jokes and went somewhat good.

Verdict: Better to ignore on OTT as well.

Arjuna Phalguna Review Rating : 2/5