Antahpuram Review: A Horror – Comedy that failed

Antahpuram Telugu Movie Review, Aranmanai 2021
Antahpuram Telugu Movie Review, Aranmanai 2021

Antahpuram is the third sequel from director Sundar C. The series is from the Kollywood Aranmanai house. The first part is titled Chadrakala, the Second one came out as Kalavathi and the now third one is Antahpuram.

The horror-comedy zoner is not new to the audience. Almost every film from this corner has impressed the audience. Let’s take a look at Antahpuram (Aranmanai 3 review).

Story: Rajasekhar (Sampath Raj) is a Zamindar and lives in Bungalow (Antahpuram) and his wife is Eswari (Andrea). After the death of Eswari, Rajasekhar’s daughter Jyothi (Raashi Khanna) was brought up in a boarding school. He lives with his siblings Sarala (Nalini), Mynavathi (Myna Nandini) and with their families.
After Jyothi returned to the Antahpuram from boarding, the haunt began. She returns to attend the funeral of her driver (Vincent Ashokan). With the request of her relatives, Jyothi father accepts her to stay for a few days.
Meanwhile, Arya (Jyothi’s childhood friend and an electrician) enters into the story. The movie is all about ghosts and how the family escape from the haunting glitches.


  • Artists
    Background score
  • Negatives

  • Screenplay

    Ghost elevation

  • Performance:

    The ‘Sarapatta Parambara’ star Arya has very less screen time (20 minutes). Raashi Khanna has no time to perform than looking blunt.

    When it comes to performance, Andrea has the scope to emboss herself and she did it well.

    Comedy stars Yogi Babu, Vivek, Manobala, Cell Murugan, Nalini and Mynaa Nandhini acts are okay. Rarely brings a smile to the face of the audience. Sundar has a bunch of comedians and is unable to template the characters.

    Analysis: Initial stages of the film was well mounted. Visual effects and the smoky ghosts are good. Nothing fresh when it comes to the story. Only two or three scenes from the film will make us feel that it is a horror film. Everything seems to be familiar.

    The Ring O Ringa Roses song from Vivekh is the most boring scene from the film.
    One more funniest scene is ghost use a telekinetic power to kill Jyothi(Raashi Khanna), then uses the supernatural powers. They also seem to be fooling around the comedians.

    Happy to see late Vivekh on screen and this is the last film of the actor. Monobala chuckles at times.

    Verdict: One-time watch

    Antahpuram Review Rating: 2/5