Ammoru Thalli Review : A modern day Tale

Ammoru Thalli Review Rating
Ammoru Thalli Review Rating

Cine Chit Chat Ammoru Thalli Review Rating : 2/5

Mookuthi Amman has been dubbed in telugu as Ammoru Thalli starring Nayanthara in the lead role. Lets take a look at Ammoru Thalli review.

Story : The story is all about Engels Ramasamy, a small reporter from the town fighting for 11,000 acres of land. He wanted to save the land from Baba. Hero who is the breadwinner for the 6 members family wanted to get blessings from his Mukkupudaka Ammavaru who is their family goddess. As their family will be struggling from many troubles and unable to go visit Tirupati Balaji.  The story revolves around this and how Engels Ramasamy will save the land from Baba.

Performance : The first thing we should talk about is the background score of the movie and then Nayathara’s beauty as Goddess Pukkupuduku Ammavaru. Urvashi is extraordinary as an innocent mother. Both the directors failed to impress all categories of audience.

Director RJ Balaji and NJ Sarvaan added modern day wishes and scams to the story. The main movie starts when Pukkupuduku Ammavaru asks engel to make her place as famous as Tirupati Balaji. Urvashi robbed the show with her performance and innocence.  After Interval the main slot of the story went missing. Director went missing the logics behind the main story which is ‘A mans will power is the key of success’.  Hero couldn’t save his family from hurdles with will power at times he needed the support of Goddess. 

On live television goddess talks about the will power and self confidence of man and disappears,  which is real fun who talk about logics.  No where you should about logics of the story, then you will have a funfilled movie. 

Verdict : A one time watch , which can make you laugh through out the film. 

Cine Chit Chat Ammoru Thalli Review Rating : 2/5

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