Allu Arjun, a tale of 100cr remuneration!

Allu Arjun 100cr remuneration buzz

With Pushpa The Rise, Icon Star Allu Arjun stunned Bollywood and emerged as a pan India star. The Pushpa has been running still strong in the North despite it being released on OTT.

With this, there was news that a noted production house offered 100cr remuneration for a movie and the Icon star was said to be promised to do a flick. And he hasn’t taken any check from the production house.

Over this, the Twitterati divided. Allu Arjun fans lauding their matinee idol for achieving this feat without Rajamouli. Some say, it was pure speculation to augment the brand value of Allu Arjun by the AVPL actor fans as the actor was said to be maintaining a huge social media team.

And they also say, how can any producer offer that much fat-check with a single film. They also reported that only Akshay Kumar and Prabhas were the highest-paid actors for their consistent BO record.

At Present, a tale of Allu Arjun 100cr remuneration is viral everywhere. The truth behind this viral tale will only be proved with time.