Aarya Season 2 Review: Happy Holi

Aarya Season 2 Review: Happy Holi
Aarya Season 2 Review: Happy Holi
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Aarya Season 2 Review

Season 2 Aarya is a continuation of Aarya Season 1.

The story is nothing but a struggle of a single mother to protect her three children from the Russian drug mafia and King-pins of her family.

Aarya Saren is back with a bang. Aarya Season 1 is based on a Spanish original ‘Penoza’. The first season was well written and directed with a package of emotions and drama.

The second season too is a package of action and thrills. But laggy yet times. The emotional core of the series is carried.

Let us have a look at Aarya season 1.

The series runs around the Rajasthan drug mafia. The story starts on the premises of a son, a son-in-law, a father and a daughter. The family stumbled upon drugs and the matured son-in-law plans to flee from everything. The man has a gruesome death from his father-in-law. Aarya takes care of everything in the process of protecting her own family ( 2 sons and daughter).

Sushmita Sen: She takes the lead role of Aarya Sareen role, A single mother and her youngest child witness the death of his father, who will be killed by their person. Aarya should deal with fate and make sure the children are safe and takes the support of the police.

Season 2: In the first season 1 Aarya was the only hero, But now the equations change. Aarya is a villain to her daughter. She leaves her in a bar to work after getting back from rehab, which is insane. The daughter thinks that her mother is a liar and responsible for her father death.

Seeing drunk women on screen is turned out to be the fashion nowadays in Bollywood. Aarya’s sister–in–law is a drunkard who will have a baby. She always opens up to Aarya only when she is in high. Leaving the conspiracy aside.

Aarya season 2 is worth watching if you love watching a don series. Just brace your seats and watch the best classy don series in Disney + Hotstar.

When Aarya was arrested his elder son take care of drugs and those has extremely well. Roop is new character and much needed for the story.

When a crooked Public Prosecutor warns Aarya, Susmitha Sen exhaled the complete scene with her stunning performance.

Nandini Shekhawat and Aarya episode is short and gripping. Aarya’s step-father who is key in the story does’t have much screen time and mostly pledging for his mistake of killing Aarya’s husband in a process to save her.

Sampat is the strength of Aarya like in the first episode, even though he killed her husband. She wanted him beside her and He wanted to be her strength.

The last episode (Climax) is a complete stunner. Sushmita Sen in white dress kills Rakshas (Shekhawat – who is her own father).

Actors : Sushmita Sen, Vazirani, Maya Sarao, Namit Das, Ankur Bhatia, Vishwajeet Pradhan
Director: Ram Madhvani, Vinod Rawat, Kapil Sharma.
Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar.
Language: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada and Malayalam (with English subtitles).
Runtime: Around 50 minutes each episode.

Aarya Season 2 Review Rating : 3.5/5