Most Awaited Emotional Drama : ’13 Reasons Why’ season 4 Review

13 Reasons Why 4 season Review
13 Reasons Why 4 season Review

13 Reasons Why, An emotional trauma that’s behind suicide and rape was very exposed in season 1 and 2. Now, Season 4 is turned out to be a psychological thriller.

Finally at the end of Graduation for the season 4 our hero of the show clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) narrates the story in his perspective.

Some new characters are added in this season as everytime, but they are just left out to be addition to the story. They are nothing to do with the story as Ani Achola (Grace Saif) does.

This season just kicked off at exactly where Season 3 ended. Students deal with Monty de da Cruz’s death and also Bryce Walker’s murder. As, it’s an graduation year with very less time left in their hands the team with all two years of fuss involves everyone to solve the issue.

As we are listening the story from Clay Jensen point of view, At times confused as Clay has trouble explaining the difference hallucinations and reality.

Honestly season 4 is real dragged series. If you already watched all the three seasons you can better ignore this final series.

Episode 8 also covers up the discrimination of color, Like last season Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe) and Tony Padilla (Christian Navarro) asks the authorities of their institution over the issue, this also reminds you of ongoing George Flyod protests.

The final episode was a real long episode which ends up to be the final episode of the series.

The only comfort that ’13 Reasons Why’ has give is that most uncomfortable feelings and situations happen in college are discussed on table.


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